3 Healthy Smoothies For Everyone | Breakfast, Snack, & Beach Body Prep | Sanne Vloet

3 Healthy Smoothies For Everyone | Breakfast, Snack, & Beach Body Prep | Sanne Vloet

My Current Favorite Healthy Smoothie Recipes For You | Quick Breakfast Smoothie Ideas, What To Snack On When On The Run, & What Model’s Take Post Workout | Sanne Vloet

Hey Guys!

Summer is here and it’s time to get HEALTHY! So hit that subscribe button and join our growing wellness community! Who is celebrating Memorial Day this weekend and are you with your family? I’m now learning more about the reason for American holidays, but I’d love to hear about what you celebrate if you are from another country! I had a wonderful weekend with Max, we danced the night away, had a wonderful dinner with our friends, and spent some time on Max’s Harley riding around in the Hamptons!

It’s been the busiest year of my life and I’ve found that sometimes even with my meal prep I don’t have enough time to cook for myself. I’ve been testing out smoothie recipes and these are my current three favorite smoothies! For me smoothies can be the perfect breakfast, mid day snack, or post workout booster. Anyone else getting ready for beach season?

I have been thinking of new video ideas around food and I thought I could share a monthly smoothie video focusing on health from the inside! Beauty starts from within, right guys?

I really hope you guys love this video. I love making smoothies and hopefully I can start sharing more of my favorites every month this summer. If you try this at home make sure to tag me on instagram if you post it. It makes me so happy to see you guys making these recipes! I hope all the newcomers decided to join and as always a big hug to everyone in the squad!

Can’t wait to respond to all your comments today!



1 – Do you make Smoothies at home now?
2 – Are you getting ready for summer yet?
3 – What type of videos would be helpful for anyone who is wanting to get in shape for summer?
4 – If you don’t have an answer for any of these questions, tell me what your Summer Goals are. I’ll share mine and we can motivate each other to accomplish our summer goals!

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My smoothie mixer Nutribullet:

#1 Blueberry Vanilla Smoothie:
– 2 Cups Almond Milk
– 1 Banana
– 1 cup Frozen Blueberry
– 1 cup Frozen Spinach
– pinch of Vanilla Extract
– The Beauty Chef Vanilla Protein Powder:

#2 Avocado Chocolate Smoothie:
– 2 cups Almond Milk
– 1 Banana
– 1 or 1/2 Avocado
– 2 dates
– 1 tsp raw cacao powder
– 1 tsp honey
– 1tbsp Almond Butter
– 1 tsp flaxseed
– 1 scoop Nourishing Protein Powder by Wellco

#3 Tropical Green Smoothie:
– 2 cups Almond Milk
– 1 Banana
– 1 cup frozen Mango
– 1 cup Frozen Kale/ Spinach
– 1 tbsp Peanutbutter
– 1 tsp Maca Powder:
– 1 scoop Nue Co Pea Protein Powder:

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