3 Tricks For A Flatter Belly After 40 😀

3 Tricks For A Flatter Belly After 40 😀

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Hey everybody out there– Coach Dan Long here with the Over 40 Protocol. Today I’m at the gym. I’m over 40. I’m 46 years old. February 16, 1973 is when I was born. And guess what, you too can have a flat stomach. And I’m going to tell you exactly how at this link in a second.

Now listen– the trick to this is meal timing. You have to meal time, OK? You have to meal pair strategically. And you also can put high carb cheat meals back into your diet, because guess what? I literally just had a high carb cheat meal as of yesterday.

Now listen– I have fat, OK? I’m not sitting here at 5% body fat, like most people that go on video. I’m letting you know that I’m sitting here, probably 8%- to 10%, because if you’ve been following me since April 2nd of this year, 2019, I have been 100% focusing on resetting my hormones. And what happens? The byproduct is you get a flat stomach, OK?

So if you’re interested, at this link in a second, I have it for you. Strategically, it’s been put together. You can meal time starting on day one. You can meal pair on day one. And you also can put high carb cheat meals back into your diet.

Get those abs back. Get that flat stomach for you ladies. And anyone that’s over the age of 40 can do it. Now if you’re not over 40, I still love you. Thanks so much for stopping on this.

But if you are, I’m talking specifically to you. See, you need a program that’s specifically designed for someone like you and me, that’s over the age of 40, to reset your hormones. The Over 40 Hormone Reset Solution that you will find here in a second– you’re not only going to see my best friend, ripped grandpa Shaun Hadsall– you’re going to see him with six pack abs. He’s a ripped grandpa. His bride Karen– 59 years old– using this exact system to live a healthy lifestyle, just like this.

So if you want a flat stomach– if you want six pack abs, I have the solution for you. It all starts on day one by clicking this link now.


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