BodyBuilders Who Died of Steroids. RIP

BodyBuilders Who Died of Steroids. RIP

Nobody thought about the ultimate price to pay for reaching the pinnacle in bodybuilding. With anabolic steroids other drugs such as prohormones, HGH, insulin contributes to health issues. The major issues we are seeing is the heart failure, massive heart attack, heart problems. This video list famous bodybuilders and coaches who died at a young age (most are in their 30’s and 40’s, some are in the 50’s). This video hopes to be an eye opener for youngsters who want to look good and achieve greatness.
“Most guys think nothing bad will ever happen to them. But you watch. You’ll be seeing more and more serious heart problems, and worse, once these guys hit 40.”
– Mike Matarazzo, pro bodybuilder.
The dead list starts with Mike Matarazzo,
1. Mike Matarazzo: 1:07
2. Dan Puckett: 1:23
3. Scott Klein: 1:27
4. Robert Benavente: 1:33
5. Trevor Smith: 1:38
6. Andreas Munzer: 1:46
7. Mohammed Benaziza: 2:06
8. Daniele Seccarecci: 2:39
9. Luke Wood: 2:44
10. Chris Janusz: 2:49
11. Art Atwood: 2:54
12. Mat Duvall: 2:58
13. Ed Van Amsterdam: 3:02
14. Fannie Barrios: 3:08
15. Charles Durr: 3:12
16. Anthony D’Arezzo: 3:23
17. Greg Kovacs: 3:28
18. Ron Teufel: 3:37
19. Hans Hopstaken: 3:43
20. Frank Hillebrand: 3:47
21. Alex Azarian: 3:56
22. Ray Mentzer: 4:01
23. Nasser El Sonbaty: 4:12
24. Don Ross: 5:03
25. Mike Mentzer: 5:08
26. Don Youngblood: 5:35
27. Stoil Stoilov: 5:40
28. Terri Harris: 5:45
29. Ed Kawak: 5:54
30. Vince Comerford: 6:38
31. Greg DeFerro: 6:40
32. Derrick Whitsett: 6:44
33. Paul DeMayo: 6:51
34. Baitollah Abbaspour: 6:59
35. Derek Antony: 7:07
36. Steve Michalik: 7:17
A 2012 Report published by the American Journal of Cardiology concluded the heart-related death to anabolic steroid abuse. Another report from Journal of the American Society of Nephrology looked into kidney and liver related disease among steroid used bodybuilders. Is mixing anabolic steroids with prohormones and insulin making worse?
Since steroid abuse and deaths are commonly related to bodybuilding. There should be extreme care and wise thinking before going to steroid track(Please don’t be a dead bodybuilder !!).

This video is a tribute to all who give life for bodybuilding. We miss them very much and may they rest in peace.

Music: Sad and Dramatic Music- Apocalypse-Ross Bugden


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