Gender Differences In Diet and Exercise (What Are They?)

Gender Differences In Diet and Exercise (What Are They?)

Learn about gender differences in diet and exercise as we sort the myths from the facts.
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There is a myth out there that men and women need to eat and exercise differently when trying to lose weight. Diet and exercise don’t care what gender you are. Dieting for couples is much easier if they can eat the same meals. Losing weight with your spouse helps you to be accountable for one another. One difference in nutrition between men and women is that men typically need more calories per day than women. Women typically need more Calcium and Iron because they are more important for women than men.

In addition to understanding the differences in nutrition, it is important to understand how exercise affects men and women differently. The most important form of exercise for both men and women is getting daily activity. Metabolic Resistance Training is great for boosting your metabolism and helping to lose weight. When it comes to gender differences in the gym, there might not be as many as you thought. Men and women can do similar workouts when they have the same weight loss or muscle building goals. Strength training for women is often underlooked but can be a powerful exercise routine.

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