Healthy Asian Meal Prep | $1.89 Pad Thai | High Protein

How To Meal Prep Asian Food Episode 2! In today’s episode we are learning how to a healthier version of Pad Thai for the lost cost of $1.89 per meal. Make sure to like and subscribe if you enjoy the video and tag us on Instagram if you’ve made these meals for yourself!

36 oz. Chicken Breast ($1.99/lb) = $4.47
1 ½ Boxes of Rice Noodles ($2.40/box) = $3.60
10 limes ($.65) = $6.57
2lbs Broccoli ($1.46/lb) = $2.92
Fish Sauce (9 tbsp) =$.27
Soy Sauce (6 tbsp) = $.43
Rice Vinegar (9 tbsp) = $.35
Brown Sugar (9 tbsp) = $.27
Natural Peanut Butter (6 tbsp) = $.35
Sriracha (6 tbsp) = $.31
12 Containers = $3.14 (Wholesale)
= $22.68
1.89/Pad Thai Meal

Prep The Food
1.Pour hot water (80F) into a big bowl that can fit all the noodles at once
2. Place noodles (15oz.) in the bowl and let them soak for 15 minutes
3. Prep the chicken breast (36oz.) and slice them into bite size pieces. Repeat for all the breasts
4. Cut broccoli into bit size pieces. Oil and season with salt, pepper, & garlic powder
5. Add (3 tbsp) fish sauce, (2 tbsp) soy sauce, (3 tbsp) brown sugar, (2 tbsp) peanut butter, (2 tbsp) rice vinegar, (2 tbsp) sriracha into bowl and mix thoroughly

Cook The Food
1. Add (2 tbsp) canola oil into the wok and heat until sizzling
2. Add (12 oz.) chicken breast and flip once when the whites start to form on the bottom side
3. Move the chicken breast to one side of the pan and add two eggs on the empty side
4. Wait till nearly sunny side up and scramble the eggs without mixing them into the chicken breast
5. Once eggs are fully scrambled add 5oz. (2 handfuls) of rice noodles into the pot and stir gently with the egg and chicken breast mixture
6. Once everything is fully incorporated, add the sauce and stir gently until the sauce is in the noodles
Repeat Two More Times
7. Put broccoli into the oven at 450F or 230C for 20 minutes

Plate The Food
1. Evenly place portions of pad thai into 12 different containers
2. Evenly place broccoli into 12 different containers

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