How to Jump Smash in Badminton (Beginner to Advanced)

How to Jump Smash in Badminton (Beginner to Advanced)

Learn How to Smash and progress to the Jump Smash in Badminton.
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The smashing technique is most recreational players’ favorite way of scoring points. In this video, I will teach how you can do the powerful smashing shot. I’ll also cover the different jumping techniques to help you master the amazing Jump Smash Technique.

There’s a ton of things to cover.

We’ve the contact point of the smash, the swinging technique to generate power, and of course, the footwork.

1. Contact point. The MAGIC is taking the shuttle in front of you.
2. Sweet spot (of most modern rackets in 2020) – Base of an Inverted triangle.
3. How to practice? Two popular practice methods
a) Throwing the shuttles
b) 1-2-3 Swinging practice

Personally, I find the easiest way to practice is to throw the shuttles as far as you can. The key is to become efficient in getting a full range of motion & to hit the shuttle as sharp as you can.

Some people find 1-2-3 an effective method to learn. Some prefer to just throw the shuttle as the movement is more integrated.

You need to get very good at the basics, such that you can smash shuttles very quickly, with power and solid contact point BEFORE attempting to learn the jump smash, you’ll learn way faster! Trust me!

4. Why do the jump smash? Steeper + More power

The most, most, most important thing is for you to like and subscribe for Youtube. The second most important thing is – Timing – Timing is key!

Jump Smash
5. You need to practice all the different ways you can jump and smash
Start with these
– basic backward step forward
– stationary scissor Jump, then

Then as you get better, move to these footwork drills.
6. Advance footwork
– moving backwards scissor jump (Pros use this is singles match all the time!)
– box jump backwards/sideways Overhead the hardest! (Often used in doubles)

Once you can do all that, you can add a war cry and you can combine everything to get…

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