If you workout you need to watch! (Box Gym Exercises to Avoid|Correct Fitness Routine)

If you workout you need to watch! (Box Gym Exercises to Avoid|Correct Fitness Routine)

So you go to a box gym to workout right? Well if you watch or go to many fitness channels who tell you to exercise using the equipment at those gyms you may be doing yourself some real harm. This isn’t to say all the pieces of equipment are bad. This is to say some are much better than others, and it shouldn’t be surprising that matt wenning is going to show you exactly what you need to know the next time you are going to be headed to the gym. Everything you need to be doing, and everything you want to avoid!

So why are some pieces of equipment bad for you? Well much we can break it down in a very simple way. Your body like to always do physical movements, workouts, and anything physical in a very specific way. For most of us this is a good thing, your body has built itself to move in the most efficient and least taxing patterns. This is something we reteach with technique here and ludus magnus, but when you stick yourself in a lifting machine that has only one way of moving unless you are perfectly fit to the machine you could be doing major damage to your whole body. Think of these workout machines as a one size fits all. Well we all know that anything that claims to be one size fits all rarely works right, and rarely is one size fits all. Same with these machines, your body might need a slightly higher angel when pressing due to an anatomical variance in how your body developed. So by putting yourself in a machine with a fixed track while pressing you might be adding loads of pressure to your pectoral muscles and thus hurting yourself more than you are helping.

This is not to say all the machines are bad (just to reiterate this point) it’s usually the ones that only allow one axis of movement, and with that you should watch this video to see which ones you will need to avoid moving forward!!!

Thank you so much for watching and keep up the great work from everyone here at Ludus Magnus and Wenning Strength!!!!

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